Working with Magento

This topic describes how to work with Zend Studio's Magento plugin.


  • Installed Magento plugin

How do I install the Magento plugin?

Adding Magento Nature to a Project

Before you begin to work with Magento in Zend Studio, you need to enable the plugin features for your project.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To add Magento support:

In the PHP Explorer, right-click your project and select Magento Plugin | Add Magento Nature.

The project icon in the PHP Explorer turns to the Magento icon.


Reverse this process by following the same procedure.

Creating a Magento Module

This procedure describes how to create a new Magento module.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To add a Magento module:

  1. In the menu-bar, select Files | New | Other.
  2. In the New dialog, enter Magento, and select Magento Module.
    The New Magento Module dialog is displayed.

  1. Configure the Magento module settings, and click Finish.
    The new module is created and added to your project.