Working with SVN

Zend Studio's SVN plugin integrates the processes of application development and version control into a unified work environment thus making the two tasks easier and less time consuming.


You can connect to SVN 1.7.4 repositories. For more information, see Working with SVN 1.7 Connector.


  • Installed SVN plugin

How do I install plugins in Zend Studio?

Basic Workflow

Zend Studio includes a simplified basic workflow with predefined settings that allows you to quickly create a new project from the SVN repository.

How do I create a new project from SVN?

Customized Workflows

Zend Studio also includes customized workflows that allow you to manually configure the SVN connection, import projects from SVN, access an existing SVN checkout and upload projects to SVN.


Select these workflows to configure advanced settings.

How to I customize my SVN project?