Zend Guard Integration

Zend Guard is the first Electronic Licensing solution for the PHP marketplace. It includes the Encoding solution that pioneered PHP intellectual property protection. Unprotected intellectual property, in the form of plain text PHP scripts and software without license restrictions, can be copied, modified, and retained by someone else. It is available to your competitor, to hackers and even to developers at customer sites.

Zend Guard provides tools that significantly lessen risk to your intellectual property. It is designed to prevent your property from being viewed or modified.

See the Zend Guard product site or the Zend Guard Online Documentation for more information on Zend Guard.

Zend Studio's integration with Zend Guard allows you to apply Zend Guard's encoding functionality to projects and applications created and stored in Zend Studio by allowing you to open them in Zend Guard. Conversely, files stored in Zend Guard can be opened and edited in Zend Studio.